Cubie Messenger joins the 500 Family


We’re super excited to announce that Cubie, Inc. (the little company that could, makers of Cubie Messenger) has been accepted into the Silicon Valley based accelerator program 500 Startups. In terms of the 4 million users that we have acquired since our launch in March, this probably won’t mean much. In terms of the bazillions of users we are planning to add, however, and our future plans for Cubie in general, the relationships and guidance afforded by the 500 team and family will help us level up.

At our core, Cubie aims to be a fun and functional messaging application that people love. We want people to laugh and enjoy themselves, and we want them to do so using Cubie. We’ve designed tons of animated stickers and emoji for people to share with friends and express themselves, and we’ve added a drawing function for more creative types to show the rest of the Cubie community their work. We’ve been blown away by the response, from people as far away as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, New Mexico and Northern Ireland.

We’d like to thank all our users across 5 continents and more than a hundred countries for choosing Cubie, we hope you continue to have fun chatting and drawing amazing pictures. A special shout out goes to the cool cats at e27 and PicCollage who introduced us to Dave and the rest of the 500 team. Thanks also go to all our investors and friends from Taiwan, Japan, and the US. We love you! <3


Cubie (iOS and Android) is designed to appeal to our core users, younger people and especially women. We too believe that pink is the new purple. (TBH, Cubie green is the new purple, but we digress). Women are where it’s at, at least for us. 500 Startups has, from its inception, shown kickass leadership from women and a focus on for-women services, strengths which we hope to take advantage of over the coming months. We want to learn how to better serve our users and reach out to new ones in North America and elsewhere. 500’s team of partners, mentors and coaches will, we think, be one of our best resources to achieve that.

So, why messaging? Well, it’s a huge, validated market with no clear leaders. Sure the big boys have 100 or even 200 million users, but that’s just scratching the surface when you think about all the new smartphone users coming into the market, people buying their first Android handset or iPhone. Just take a look at this, messaging will be worth $310 billion by 2016! We also don’t believe messaging is a zero sum game. There’s room enough in the sandbox for everyone. So play nice.

And sure, we’re not solving a huge problem like education or healthcare or pizza delivery (someone should really get on that), although those are all extremely noble causes, because it’s not us. We’re not a black swan. We’re an ugly duckling. We’re Jeremy Lin. We’re Cubie.

Cubie is available for download on iOS and Android here.

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